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Print journals are shelved in compact shelving units on the left as you enter the Library Sub-basement. Journals are arranged alphabetically by title, with ‘A’ located nearest the entrance. Signs on the ends of the aisles indicate the range of titles contained within each set of shelves.

Print journals are reference only and cannot be removed from the Library building, however you are welcome to consult them in any area of the Library. There is also a photocopier/scanner in the Sub-basement where you can copy/scan sections of journals subject to copyright restrictions.

The compact shelving which houses the print journals is organised into 4 blocks (or ‘ranges’) separated by green pillars. You may need to move shelves in order to find the journals you need.


To move the Sub-basement shelves follow the instructions posted on the shelf-ends, and as follows:

Step 1: Using the signs on the ends of the aisles as a guide, find the range where the journal you need is shelved, then find the open aisle in that range.

Step 2: Press the red BLOCK buttons on BOTH sides of the open aisle.

Step 3: Press the green DRIVE button on the set of shelves you need to access. The shelves will move in the direction of the open aisle.

If you have pressed the green DRIVE button but the shelves have not moved, check for blinking red indicators on each side of the open aisle. Determine that the open aisle is still empty, press the red BLOCK buttons on both sides, and repeat step 3.


In the interests of safety:

Always ensure that the open aisle is empty before attempting to move the shelves.

Do not enter the aisle until the shelves have come to a halt.

To stop a shelf that is in motion, place your foot against the bottom of the moving unit.

If you need any further assistance, please contact a member of the Ask4Help team.

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